International Conference on

 Psychology Learning and Teaching

 We invite you to the International Conference on Psychology Learning and Teaching (PLAT-2024) on 1-3 August 2024 at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru, India. 

The conference is organised by the Department of Psychology, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), in association with the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP), Division 2 of the American Psychology Association (APA) and the International Council of Psychology Educators Incorporated (ICOPE Inc). 

About the Conference

Psychology is a growing discipline with new fields and branches stemming in the past decade. Global changes, including the pandemic, technology, and globalisation, directly impact psychology teaching and learning. The specific issues of a community, location or nation place a demand on psychologists to respond with sensitivity to the culture, ethnicity and needs of the community. Hence, psychology education is pushed to innovate and develop competent training and teaching models.  The discipline requires pedagogies and assessment models to teach and assess students' knowledge, skills, values and attitudes. The need to build foundational competencies and foster personal and professional development places a huge emphasis on the need for trained faculty. There are no formal educator training programmes for faculty in higher education. Most faculty members develop their skills through experience and experimentation within their careers.  Psychology educators apply principles of psychology and education to their teaching, learning and assessment practices. There is a growing need to document, test and validate these practices and create evidence-based and culturally competent models that are replicable and sustainable. Psychology teaching covers teaching-learning practices in high schools to doctoral-level programmes. 

Hence, the 2024 conference in India aims: 

 Goal of the Conference

The goal of this event is to bring educators and leaders in psychology together from across the globe.